Should I Buy Bitcoin Now? | The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategy For Newbies in 2022

“Man… Bitcoin rally REKTed me off. I sold all of my Bitcoin last night during the bloody pull back.” One of my friends came to me and complaining about the market last night.

“What if I told you that you’re not the first one telling me this. Are you feeling more comfortable now?” I try to comfort him. “People always tell you to HODL your Bitcoin. They’ll say that you don’t have enough faith and vision in the whole Bitcoin technology. “

“Indeed!! That’s what most of my friends replied!” He agreed with me.

“Well… HODL sounds right, but it is impossible for most investors. I failed to HODL my holdings several times until I learned a special technique. And I earned more than 500% with this strategy.”

HODL sounds right. But it’s impossible for most investors.

“Buy and HODL.”

That’s what most of the crypto investors told me when I decided to invest in crypto.

But none of them HODL their bags after several pump-and-dumps by the market manipulator.

FOMO comes in and lets us make wrong decisions. Success from HODL is complicated cause of the emotion involved during our investing journey.

As human beings, we’re always trying to buy the bottom and sell the top. We prefer to focus on a short-term PNL rather than long-term profits. HODL is against how human react and our emotion works.

OK. So you’re telling me that it’s impossible to HODL Bitcoin? Yes, and no.

Let’s say you’re willing to go all-in for Bitcoin when the price reaches $10,000. And your dream target for Bitcoin is $100,000. If you’re able to follow this trading plan, it’d be a 10x profit from this trade. But what if the price never reaches $10,000 again? What if it takes ten years to reach $100,000? Do you think you can follow your trading plan and insist on discipline even for such a long time?

Well, the answer is no for most of the investors.

Instead of HODL, this is what you should do.

Now you all have agreed with me that HODLing is impossible and are looking for some change for your future investment strategy.

Again, here’s our trading plan:

  • Buy Bitcoin once the price hit $10,000
  • Sell Bitcoin when the price hit $100,000

As an experienced investor, I won’t wait for the target buy price with my empty hands. Instead, I’ll buy some Bitcoin immediately at the current price. Keep some USD with me and laddering buy when the price drop. To prevent the price never hit $100,000, I will continue laddering sell when the price surges.

Did you get my point? I’m dividing my principle into several small portions. When the price rise, I sell some part of my Bitcoin and buy some more Bitcoin when the price drops. It’s a no-brainer strategy, and you don’t have to learn several indicators trying to predict the market.

It feels fantastic when we have correct predictions, but it feels sucks when we do it wrong.

So, this is my secret receipt. The next question you have is that how I can follow this strategy? It’s a hassle to placing the orders again and again. Any more manageable way to do that?

These repeatable tasks could be done by the bot easily. And here comes the grid trading bot.

The tool that makes HODL possible.

Grid trading is a strategy that profit from fluctuations; what it does is buy low and sell high in a specific price range. Grid Trading Bot helps you to perform this strategy 24/7.

Learn how to set up a Grid Trading Bot on Nextrend Exchange.

Simply set a price range from $10,000 to $100,000 for BTC/USDT. It’ll buy some Bitcoin at the current level, keep some USDT with the bot, laddering buy and sell if the price stays within the price range.

Does this strategy work at the current price? Am I too late for this?

Yes, it still works now. As long as you’re bullish with Bitcoin, then use this strategy to prevent you from shaken out by the volatile market.

You might be feeling anxious if this is your first time follow this strategy. The key to success is to use only a small portion of your portfolio you’re willing to lose with this strategy. It would be 5% of my balance, and you could change the percentage you preferred.

Another tip for winning long term is not all-in even when using this strategy. Invest another 10% with a new bot while the price drop 10%, another 10% for another new bot when the price drop again.

If you’re already know how to start a Grid Trading Bot, here’s the parameters that you could use for this HODL If you’re already know how to start a Grid Trading Bot, here are the parameters that you could use for this HODL strategy:

  • Upper limit: $150,000
  • Lower limit: $15,000
  • # of Grids: 150

Currently, the minimum amount to start this bot with the above settings is $679 (BTC = $38,260).
It might be too high for some of the readers. Check out MBTC/USDT trading pair instead. MBTC stands for milliBitcoin, which means 1000 MBTC equal to 1 BTC.

MBTC settings:

  • Upper limit: $150
  • Lower limit: $15
  • # of Grids: 150
  • Minimum required balance: $46

The perfect moment to exit from this strategy

We have been talking about the entrance strategy for the whole article. What about the exit strategy? When should I close the bot and walk away with my profit?

Let’s circle back to your initial trading plan, which we plan to take profit when the price hit $100,000. That’s the moment we close the bot. When the price hit $100,000, the bot has already helped you to sold all of your holdings and that’s the moment we close the bot.


How long can I keep this Grid Trading Bot?

This Ultra-wide BTC Grid Trading Bot is a long term strategy. The longer BTC stays within the price range and fluctuates, the more profit you earn.

If the price goes down? Should I stop the bot?

No. Once the price is falling, that’s an opportunity for you to start another Bot. Try to create more bots when the price drops instead of close your bot. Buy the dip, not sell the dip.

Does this strategy only work with Bitcoin?

You can use this strategy with any of your favorite bags. As long as you’re bullish for long-term, use this strategy to HODL your bags.

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  1. Folks! Let me know if you have any thought on my strategy. It went pretty well with all my friends 🙂

    • Hey Dave AI,
      That makes a while..
      I really like this strategy, but some investment capability are needed for such a large grid. (Small holders may divide within smaller grids)
      What about Infinity Grids? Do you use them?
      Best regards
      Reynald AI

      • Hey Reynald! You can try this setting with mBTC, which allow you to use 100 bucks with this setting. 1 mBTC = 0.0001 BTC.
        The minimum investment would be less than $100 with 10~100 on mBTC/USDT

    • Hi Dave I just signed in, I want to work with ETH, I have a coinbase account, can I use this ETH tranfer from coinbase to Nextrend Exchange or I need to invest from my banc account, I am using PayPal as payment on coinbase. Please let me know how to invest on Piobex.

      • Hello,
        First, you need to transfer your crypto assets from Coinbase to Nextrend Exchange. ETH or stable-coins are both fine.
        If you want to use the bot with, let’s say XXX/BTC trading pair, then you need to prepare BTC for the bot to get started. If you want to start the bot with XXX/USDT trading pairs, then you need to prepare some USDT for the bot.
        You can manually sell your ETH to BTC or USDT on Nextrend Exchange.

  2. Great strategy!
    I will apply the “start a new bot at the dip” strategy!

  3. Thank you for youre sharing.
    Question :
    What if the price goes down, and I start another bot , should I use the same settings as you mentioned?
    Thank you in advance

  4. Great articles Dave, not just the recent one but overall. I went true them all and learned a lot. Hope you keep up the good work! 🙏
    Thank you, Simon.

  5. Really glad I’ve found Nextrend Exchange and the great posts, guides and telegram. 👌🏻
    Best strategy for earning BTC?

    • Thanks TANELEER! Great to know that you’re enjoying our tools!
      Stay tune for more posts 😛

      • Thanks Dave for your posts, they are very informative. Question: is there an automated way to reinvest all your profits (once it hits a certain threshold) with the same bot? Or is it only manually?

        • Hey J,
          There’s no re-invest feature for grid bot. For me, I’ll just close the bot and create another one with a new price range if I think the range is not for me under the current market.
          There’re two scenarios that I’ll close the bot and create a new one. The price exceeds the upper limit and the price is really close to the upper limit.

  6. hi dave
    any plan to make a bot that will chose the coins auto ?
    i want something simple that i just deposit money and click start and the bot AI chose live whic coins…
    or maybe make a list of the best ones..
    cuz right now the ui is hard and i dont understand whic coins are the best..
    any tips ? or maybe open discord so ppl can help each other ? (telegram sucks)

    • Hmm… Signals! We have been thinking about that, but haven’t decided do it or not. Bitcoin is the must and try to put some of your funds with the bitcoin grid bot as mentioned in this post.
      Actually I’ve just created our Discord Server:
      Haven’t released it to public but free to join us now. See you on Discord 🙂

  7. I try to join it doesn’t work…
    Maybe other link ? Or maybe server is private?

  8. I would like the discord invite as well if you need another beta tester.

  9. very nice,

  10. i have a question.
    1.which strategy is better between reducing the number of grids or increasing the grids within a certain range?which one generates more profit?
    2.Does reducing the number of grids increase the profit percentage per grid or reduce?

    • Hello Bernard,
      1. If you set up grid bots as the guidance in this blog, then just stick with 150 grids. This setting helps you to seize the long term profit rather than the grid profit which generated from the sideway moves. If you’re setting the bot by your own parameters, keep in mind that the profit per grid should be higher than 0.2~0.5%
      2. Reducing the number of grids increase the profit per grid.

      • Would you say this is better than just following the default AI settings at 99 Grids, specially for Alt coins?
        (alt coins also offer more than 500% Backtesting annualized return so I guess bigger returns than BTC)
        (since some alt coins trends look similar to the charts of BTC/mBTC)

        • The first question you need to ask yourself is that, is that Altcoin going to pump or dump?
          If the price keeps dropping, then you’ll see unrealized losses cause the bot’s average cost of the coin is higher than the current price.
          Backtesting was from the last 7 days’ historical dataset. If you’re an experienced trader, better judge the trend and setup the parameters by yourself 🙂

  11. Will be giving this a shot!

  12. long time Nextrend Exchange user. i would love to also have acess to the discord server! great article.
    my main question is whether or not this makes you more money than a simple hodl? THANKS

    • Hello Dan,
      Here’s the server:
      For your question, HODL make more profit. The reason I like this method, the wide range grid bot, is that it helps me to really HODL all the way up! It’ll slowly take some profit on the way up for sure, but I can’t hodl my Bitcoin without this bot.
      Hope you enjoy our product!

  13. Hey Dave,
    I don’t understand the idea behind creating more than 1 bot when the price goes down.
    Doesn’t that 1 grid bot with the large range already buy/sell automatically when prices go up or down?
    Whats the reason for more than 1 bot?
    Apologies I’m still a noob in this area

    • Let’s say you create your first bot while bitcoin price is 45,000. Bot will help you to accumulate more bitcoin when the price drop, but there’s a unrealized loss from that bot. Because your average buy price is higher than the current price.
      So the idea is averaging down with several bot when the price drop. You’ll feel more comfortable and the risk management is even better with this method.

      • Can I Use 2 Bots or more in 1 Chart, Each working different? Could you also explain how ?

        • You can have multiple bots in one ‘trading pair’
          For timeframe, it doesn’t matter with the bot. It’s how you see the chart.

  14. Hi Dave, I’m begining in trading I would love to join discord channel for learning with you guys,(the other links are expired) can you send me the invite link ? Btw thanks for the work you are doing its
    truly amazing.

  15. When to use an infinity grid instead?

  16. HI
    Since this strategy is target the pair will bullish in the future, why dont we using infinity grid ?

    • There’s a release profit feature in regular grid trading bot which infinity grid bot doesn’t have. And while the price keep rising, the order size for infinity grid might be lower than the minimum required size of Nextrend Exchange Exchange which let the bot can’t place any order anymore. So I prefer grid trading bot because I can control the top myself.

  17. Hi!
    If I use the grid bot to hodl, does that mean that I’ll increase the initial starting price average? And when I stop the Bot, can I get BTC back or it has to be BUSD/ USDT? Also can you explain more about the advanced setting- i.e. the “Investment button” and the grid mode?
    I’d like to join your discord group please!

    • When you about to close the bot, it’ll let you to choose you want sell all of your bitcoin into USDT or just let them stay at the current amount for both Bitcoin and USDT.
      Which investment button are you referring to?
      Sure, join our Discord and you could ask your questions in the server:

      • HI Dave,
        I invested 500 usdt asdn after a month I stopped Grid Bot, with a 20 usdt profit . When I wanted to withdraw I had only approx 300 usdt and therest approx 0.0035 btc . BTC remained in account and without any possibility to withdraw, because of your limit. Please, how Could I proceed in this situation ? Thank you , Klaus

        • Sell it manually to USDT and you can withdraw with USDT. By the way, when you close the bot, it’ll ask that do you need the bot to sell your Bitcoin to USDT, I think you didn’t let the bot sell BTC so that’s why you still have BTC.

  18. Is this an arithmetic setting?

  19. Me encanta

  20. hi dave
    Is there any plan to create a robot that automatically picks coins?
    I want something simple that i just deposit money and click start and the bot AI chose with the best coins…

    • tbh… I’d keep it myself if I have such bot which can make profit 😛
      Pick ETH, BTC and use a wide price range grid bot for them. Have some patience and I believe you’d be happy with the results as the price rise. For most of the retail investors, they always sold all their holdings when the price finally move from the bearish market.

  21. Super… gracias por tanto. Solo espero saber más cada día de esta área tan importante como es la educación financiera

  22. Hi Dave, is it possible to have the combination BTC/USDT and earn BTC instead of USDT? That way I can also benefit from the BTC increase on my earnings. Great work on the bots! Thanks

    • If you want to earn Bitcoin with BTC/USDT, there are two option for you.
      1. Use Margin grid bot to long Bitcoin. If the price rise, you’ll have more Bitcoin.
      2. Use reverse leveraged grid bot to short Bitcoin. If the price drop, you’ll have more Bitcoin.

      • Hi Dave
        Was reading this post and was confused with create multiple bots when the price drops.
        Is there a criteria to meet to create the bot when the price dips? Or do we create the bot whenever we feel the dip is within our comfortable range?
        Apologies for the ignorant question, I am still learning on how this trading bot works

        • Hello Harold,
          There’s no specific criteria for the dip. Just create it when you feels comfortable with the price.
          The key is not to use all your funds at the same time.
          Hope you enjoy our service 🙂

      • Hi Dave
        I was reading this post and had a question regarding the strategy.
        So you had mention to create new bots when the price dips, is there a criteria to meet for a price drop in order to create a bot?
        Is it recommended to create the bot when the price increases?
        Please pardon for the noob qns, I am still learning along the way

        • The idea I’m trying to talk about in this article is to use the grid bot instead of manually purchase. This helps to minimize the investment risks compared to trading manually.

  23. Richard Promise
    Richard Promise

    Hi Dave,
    am new here, i want to know if i can start this bot with 100usdt.

  24. Hello Dave,
    I am quite interested in the discord you mentioned in previous comments. Are you able to send a updated invite link when available?
    greatly appreciated!

  25. Hola Dave
    Waooo excelente me a gustado lo que e visto aquí yo empecé a utilizar el bot hace poco estoy aprendiendo todavía
    Me gustaría unirme a tu grupo de discordia, por favor!

  26. Dear Dave
    i just started today using AL.
    is the only risk in all the grip option available when the price get higher or lower than the parameter ?
    As i want to use the margin or leverage.
    When the Al finish all transaction , will it start again automatically .?
    Is any advantage /disadvantages by wider / narrower the upend and bottom end of the price ?

    • Hello,
      The AI suggests the parameters for the bot according to the last 7 days backtesting results. If the price goes higher than the upper limit, then all your coins will be sold and take profit.
      When the Al finish all transaction, will it start again automatically .?
      no, it won’t start again. It’s the same as you manually setup the bot.

  27. Is the Total profit shown by the running bot the net profit (Profit – transaction fee) or It is the gross profit without considering the transaction fee.

  28. Hi Dave it is a very good article thanks for sharing, the Discord server is still working? thanks

  29. just want to follow th comments on this one, solid stadgy though

  30. Strategy seems a like a good plan

  31. Thank you for all these articles and your response to comments. Grid Bot works best in a bullish or sideways market. Which bots work best during a bear market?

    • If you trade on spot market, then you can’t earn money when the price keeps going down without any bounce back. So if you really want to make money during the bear market, then you can check the leveraged tokens.

  32. Hi thank you for sharing I’m new to all this and all I’ve learned is how people can scam you out of a lot of money. I’ve been trying to figure this out for over a year I lost a lot and never profit. But you add explained a good example an easy form to understand especially for a beginner. I could definitely use all the help I’m getting started with my first trade and getting myself on the road to success and make some profits. Thank you for sharing

    • Hello Teresa,
      Great to get your feedback and thought! Hope we can seize the crypto trend and grow our wealth as an early adopter!

  33. Hay Dave.
    I need to start with 100 dollors
    Give me the milli betcoin bot link

  34. Hi Dave, thank you for your educational efforts!
    Will be glad to visit Discord and learn more. May I have an invitation, please?

  35. HOLA, que diferencia hay si ingreso usd 10000 en un bot de grilla entrando con BTC a 47.000 bot Nextrend Exchange rango BTC 10.000/100.000
    Comprar usd 10.000 BTC 47.000 Y esperar pacientemente BTC 100.000
    Cual es la ventaja de Nextrend Exchange ?

    • If you went all in with your USDT, then you’ll suffer more losses in the downward market. Grid bot helps you to laddering buy and laddering sell. The key is to control the risks.
      Si hizo todo lo posible con su USDT, entonces sufrirá más pérdidas en el mercado a la baja. El bot de cuadrícula te ayuda a comprar y vender en escala. La clave es controlar los riesgos.

  36. Hello. Why Profit per grid is not fixed?
    But Profit per grid(Fee deducted) is 0.41%-0.94% (99 Grids)

    • Let me give you an example. Let’s say there is a $10 gap between each levels. $10, $20 and $100, $110, the profit per grid is different for these two.

  37. Nextrend Exchange is the most solid crypto trading platform, IMO

  38. Nice

  39. Hi Dave, is the recent BTC/ETH Moon bot allows us to release profit like the normal Grid Bot?


    How have to deposit the money.

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