Nextrend Exchange BTC/ETH Moon

What is BTC/ETH Moon

BTC/ETH Moon was the strategy proposed by Nextrend Exchange first. After more than two years of real market verification, the highest profit grown by 21 times. Simply speaking, BTC/ETH Moon uses Nextrend Exchange grid trading bot technology. According to the current currency price intelligently recommends the parameter settings of the BTC/ETH Moon, as the currency price fluctuates within the price range of the BTC/ETH Moon, the bot will continuously earn grid profits within 7*24 hours, and grid profits can be withdrawn, allowing your funds to be used flexibly.

Explanation of BTC/ETH Moon steps and parameter introduction

First, please log in to After you open the web page, there are [BTC Moon] and [ETH Moon] on the right hand side of the page. Here we take [ETH Moon] as an example. Next, we click the [CREATE] button next to [ETH Moon].

The system here has helped us complete the bot parameter settings. We only need to slide the bar to select the amount of funds we invest, and then click the【CREATE】button to successfully create the bot order.

BTC/ETH Moon Parameter Introduction

  • Total profit = Grid profit + Unrealized profit
  • Grid Profit = The profit generated by the grid bot buying low and selling high
  • Unrealized profit= (Current price-purchase cost) * number of tokens of bot held
  • Grid annualized=[(Grid profit/investment)/(Lasting time/365)]*100%
  • Total annualized= [(Total profit/investment)/(Lasting time/365)]*100%

The core advantage of BTC/ETH Moon is its money-making effect. It will not let go of any fluctuations in the market and continue to carry out arbitrage. You can enjoy stable arbitrage and trend profits brought by rising currency prices, which is very suitable for everyone.


Q:What should I do if the bot has a loss?
A:When you create the bot, the bot will use part of the funds to buy the spot, and place sell orders based on the grid. Since the bot will hold some spot, orders may fluctuate when the currency price fluctuates. But as long as you can hold it for a long time, losses will eventually become profits.

Q:Is the fund utilization rate of bot too low?
A:Since the bot will always hold a part of the cash for bottom hunting, this part of the cash will not be used under normal circumstances. This is also for the purpose of risk control, so that you can move forward and backward freely in the trading market. When the currency price drops, the bot will buy for you in batches.

Q:Will the tokens selected by the bot order return to zero?
A:Speaking of the leading coin BTC, its long-term value does not need to be repeated; while eth is also optimistic in the long-term. If you believe that the blockchain will be in a prosperous, then you will not need to worry about zeroing.

Q:Can the investment amount be added or deducted after the bot is successfully created?
A:After the bot is created, you cannot add or reduce the investment amount, you can only redistribute the investment amount by turning off the bot, so please confirm your investment amount before creating the bot.

Q:Can the parameters be modified while the bot is running?
A:After the bot is created, you will not be able to modify the bot parameters while the bot is running. You can only create a bot by turning off the bot and resetting the parameters.

Q:Why my order is mBTC/mETH?
A:Due to the high price of BTC/ETH, when your investment amount is less than 3500USDT, the system will automatically use mBTC/mETH to create an order in order to obtain a higher capital utilization rate, 1BTC=1000mBTC (the same as to the ETH Moon).

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